Value of Marketing :)



Marketing is the form of communication between the seller and customer with the goal of sell our product. Find the right way to reach the valid customer with our product.

Value of marketing

If you run a business then you know the value of marketing. This only spreading the word about product and services of the company.

Types of marketing

There are two types of marketing one is inbound marketing and another one is outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is an old marketing Technic companies do this via television, printing ads and direct mailer. In this method is presentation is most important for our product and services. Cost effect is high more expensive and the probability of the result is not much confirm 100%. so small companies avoid this Technic now all are change the strategy.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the best one and all start-up companies are follow these Technics. Inbound marketing is low budget and more effective than the outbound marketing. Content is most important one for inbound marketing, medium for promoting the contents is social media is one of the best ways to promoting the content. its help to identify a valid customer. creating contents and offering discounts is most attract the customer promoting the website through seo this are all include by the inbound marketing Technics

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